Chris’ Corner – Stealth Hit

Chris’ Corner – Stealth Hit

Jake and Nikko take their “LAST GO ROUND” in the sheets, fucking hard making a two backed beast after deciding to break up after years of being together. All inhibitions go out the window, and no words are spoken besides, “Oh god I’m cumming”, when he gives her an earth shattering orgasm on the bed, tossing her around and hitting it from different angles, and “You bastard!” when she comes from out of the bathroom to find her naked, recent ex, pointing his pistol at her and let’s two slugs fly, popping one between her tummy and tits, then one right in the heart, knocking her back and on to the floor. She bucks for a few very quick seconds before going immediately still and dead, her death rattle and instant limpness contrast instantly. Her wounds leak a little blood but she is dead on the floor, he leaves and you never see him again after delivering the slugs, just pans of her dead perfect figure, and her sexy soles on the bathroom floor, and views of her death stare, and pussy

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