Chris’ Corner – Poor Young Victim – Treasure w/ Sven Wood

Chris’ Corner – Poor Young Victim - Treasure w/ Sven Wood

This is a necksnap limb play custom with lots of handling, ragdolling, The BEST EVER Slackjaw BJ, and all around cuteness from the adorable and talented Treasure. Lots of different elements add to this already hot necksnap necro rape. Treasure relaxes at home reading her new magazine. She smiles as she smells the perfumes and looks at all the ads selling the latest stuff. He furry Uggg type black boots, short skirt and revealing top make her look oh so sexy. She goes to the bathroom, looking at herself and posing in the mirror, then she grabs some juice, having a nice gulp before she sets the glass on the table and starts to stretch before she heads up the stairs to swap the laundry. When she gets upstairs, she remembers there is no laundry to swap and she is just bored. When she shuts the doors of the laundry closet, a man is standing there, it startles her and he grabs her, covers her mouth, and snaps her lovely neck. She falls to the floor like a bag of hammers and immediately is limp. The man runs his hands over her body taking in the scent of her cute body, hair, and musk. He plays with her for a while, slowly undressing her in the hall way by the laundry.

He undresses her partially enjoys her tits and pussy, then Picks her up, carries her to the bed and has his way, rag-dolling her, throwing her around, then after he removes her boots, does some foot worship, and then he goes for her, grabbing her ass and playing rough with her body and snatch. He gets her in position and sticks his hard cock in her mouth, gliding it in and out, stiffening even more as he gets ready to screw her several different ways, and in many positions, having rough sex with her body over and over. After he does her he cums inside of her and then finishing off with some cuddling and kissing. He positions her on the bed so we can gaze at her beautiful corpse, then after pans, he returns to position her to sleep with him. He gets her ready, wiping her body down with towelettes so that she will be clean and pretty when he wakes up for round 2. Treasure is just that, she is so sweet, cute and has a rocking little body with DD’s. This is a limb play, rag-dolling custom with lots of carrying, throwing, flopping, limp body play, hardcore, Necro BJ, and some hot sex with a hot dead girl.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:21:30
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Audio: AAC LC

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