Chris’ Corner – Olympic Star Hits – Starring: Belle Fatale, Genetica, Lexxi as Soccer stars

Chris’ Corner – Olympic Star Hits

Three ambitious soccer stars for the American team, set to play Brazil in the finals match of the Olympics. There have been political scuffles and death threats from the mafia who has a great deal of money riding on the Brazilians, so their star players are in hiding outside of town, guarded by security. As they stretch and talk about their strategies, the sexy stars comment about the other team, and even scoff at the threats, saying that if they play their game they will win no matter what. They don’t know Vladimir the snake, who’s signature is to strike across the breasts, one on each side. he will hit you with one 40 S&W fully steel jacketed round in the right breast, then his laser site from the Glock 27 will take aim at the left breast, through the heart with a jacketed, bonded hollow point. This normally happens after he asks your information, as you stare in shock from the first painful round, then the next fang makes its hole for the kill. He enters the house after each girl goes to get ready for their match. Belle has to look good for her hair sponsors and poster fans. Lexxi has to meditate to be the best keeper in the world with 0 goals scored against her, and the captain Genetica with her sweeper capabilities and long legs make them a power trio. Genetica makes apples and gets snacks ready for the game. The hitman enters through the rear door, noticing one girl is in the bathroom with a hair dryer on, he saves her for last, he heads down the hall and when he hits the kitchen, Genetica turns around and he plugs her in the breast. She grasps at the breast and starts to sway then buckles to the floor on her back.

He asks her name and country and when she answers he plugs her in the heart, killing her almost instantly, she bucks and heaves a bit before going still a trickle comes from her breasts as she lays on the floor. Lexxi runs in to see what is going on and he traces her till he fires right into her right tit, taking her straight down to the floor. He walks up on her as he writhes in pain. He asks the same questions but she says, “Fuck You!”, which he replies calmly, in his thick Russian voice, “No time.” She sees he won’t budge so when she answers he pops her in the breast and she convulses then goes still, blood leaking from her “bite”. As she dies he hears the hair dryer switch off and turns to get square as she comes down the hall. He draws a bead on his mark and pop, hits her with the bullet to her tit, she falls to the ground and crawls backwards, still not bleeding but just a hole, She answers him with a question and he finishes her off and she withes until she is dead. He goes to each body, checking the pulse and taking photos so he can get paid. He has done his duty and calls top confirm, and order the cleaner. Long and many body pans of the sexy, dead, breast shot gals, each in their place of death, then as a group in a pile on the floor.

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