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What Have You Done To Yourself – NecroPorn

Coming back from work a young man saw his girlfriend lying in a pool of blood with a knife in her hand, her belly plunged. Shocked, unable to believe his lover had taken her life, Paul sat on the bed, next to the corpse. But when he gradually realized his girlfriend was gone forever, he […]

Two Lowers Suicide – NecroPorn

Problems in life had caused two girlfriends to commit suicide. To do so, they choose the easiest in their opinion way, pills. Having drunk the pills, they decided to devote their last moments on earth to love. But they did not die at the same time; one of the girls happened to get more pleasure […]

The Final Argument – NecroPorn

Description: Two gay girlfriends had a little quarrel between themselves, so that there was only one argument left for one of them, a knife. Never the less, her friend could not perceive the point of this argument, for which she was stabbed in rage. And what is it there to be done to a corpse […]

The Danger Of Drugs – NecroPorn

A young man returns home to find his girlfriend overdosed: eyes wide open, needle in her hand, and lying on the floor. He rushes to feel her pulse, but it’s too late. Understanding that there’s nothing more he can do, the man lifts her up and carries to the bed… File name:The_Danger_of_Drugs__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 398 […]

Surprise In The Bag – NecroPorn

Description: A young prostitute died of overdose just before the eyes of her client. But Paul decided not to leave in a hurry; instead, he wrapped her still warm body in a cloth and took it to his place which wasn’t far. And there he finished what he couldn’t accomplish while the whore was still […]

Suicide By My Side – NecroPorn

A young girl decided to commit suicide, for her life was hopeless. A few hours later her boyfriend returned back home and saw her lying there, lifeless. He realized he could do nothing to safe her, so he decided to kiss her goodbye in a, uh, very unusual way… Contains: Handling, Fingering & Pussylicking, BJ […]

Simple Pillow Can Be Dangerous Too – NecroPorn

A very jealous young man found out that his girl had been cheating on him with a different guy. So he decided to punish her in a very cruel way. One day when he came home from work, they made love, as if nothing had happened, but the result of it is not orgasm alone… […]

She Knows How To Knock Her Out – NecroPorn

Once upon a time there lived two lesbians, and one of them had always wanted to try sleepy sex with her partner, while the other would never agree to that. And one day, the first girl thought of a trick: starting the sexual act as usual, and making her girl friend come, she kisses her […]

Old Friends Visit – NecroPorn

A former school mate unexpectedly came to visit a girl whom he had not seen in years. He had been in love with her for ages, but he never had the guts to reveal it. But this time he was sure to finally possess her – he raped her and when the poor girl, raped […]

Nylon Strangler – NecroPorn

A hooker visits a young man, having no idea that he is the infamous “nylon strangler”, a serial-killer wanted by the police for strangling several women with nylon stockings. The naive girl thought she’d earn some cash, but in fact she earned her death… File name:Nylon_Strangler__Ai_Upscale__(new_1).mp4 File Size: 405 MB Resolution: 1280 x 960 Duration: […]

Master And Servant – NecroPorn

A young man lived with a hardcore slavegirl. One day he decided to test her “hardcoreness”. After forced sex he showed her a knife and told her to kill herself to prove she belong to him and would obey his every order. Of course he thought she would not do it, but to his astonishment […]

Lesbian Lovers – Hand Strangle – NecroPorn

File name:Lesbian_Lovers_-_Hand_Strangle__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 297 MB Resolution: 1280 x 960 Duration: 00:10:19 Video: AVC, 1280x, 29.000 FPS, 4058 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: Download file – 296.7 MB

Lesbian-Baggers Die Too – NecroPorn

Two lesbians loved bagging in their sex games. They knew how dangerous it was, but nothing went wrong until this time: when one of the girls missed the faint point, and everything was ruined… File name:Lesbian-Baggers_Die_Too__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 309 MB Resolution: 1280 x 960 Duration: 00:10:25 Video: AVC, 1280x, 23.976 FPS, 4058 kb/s Audio: AAC […]

Innocent Games – NecroPorn

Sol and Ginny were very fond of each other, but the monotony of their sexual life bothered Sol. Once she read in a magazine about the wonderful effect of asphyxia, which made sexual feelings much better. Of course, she decided to try it. But that was a mistake, for Ginny had absolutely no experience in […]

NecroPorn – I Still Can Not Believe

A young actress died of heart attack. She wanted to be buried in her favorite black gown. Following the tradition, her body was exhibited at home so that her former relatives and friends could say goodbye to her. Her suffering husband sitting next to her still could not believe she had died, although he realized […]

Bags SomeTimes Are The Ideal Weapon [Ai Upscale] – NecroPorn

One lesbian decided to get rid of her girlfriend for profit. For that she hired a friend of hers and gave him the key of the apartment where they lived. So one day when the lady went to work, and her female lover was at home drinking tea and suspecting nothing, the proxy entered the […]

Extremely Cruel Revenge [Ai Upscale] – NecroPorn

When psychologically unstable guy found out that the girl he loved decided to abandon him for another boy, he realized extremely cruel revenge for his ruined feelings… (Story Author is – Dunsuls) File name:Extremely Cruel Revenge__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 1.44 GB Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Duration: 00:25:49 Video: MPEG-4 Visual, 1920x, 30.000 FPS, 7808 kb/s Audio: […]

Dont Fuck With An Angry Husband [Ai Upscale] – NecroPorn

A family couple has been working in a studio while the scandal happened. Young wife has been refusing to do what her husband, the photographer, was saying, so he pushed her hard against the wall in rage. TOO hard in fact… File name:Dont Fuck With An Angry Husband__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 521 MB Resolution: 1920 x […]

Cruel Love [Ai Upscale] – NecroPorn

Description: Sol had fallen in love with her friend Blondie a long time ago, but she never had the guts to tell her about her feelings. But once, chit-chatting, Sol finally summoned her strength and revealed the secret. For Blondie it was very unexpected, so when Sol tried to kiss her, she slapped her face […]

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