Casualties Of Horror – The Last Act – Starring: Raven Alexis

Casualties Of Horror – The Last Act - Starring: Raven Alexis

Raven is an undercover cop posing as a high class call girl. She’s tracking down two brothers from a family crime syndicate. With survelience and a very small ear piece for constant monitoring via her partners in an unmarked van down the road, she knocks at the door. One of the brothers answers. Unfortunately, he’s been expecting her and her cover is useless. Her intuition realizes she’s been had, and she utters the safe phrase so her partners can come in. Unfortunately, when the front door opens, it’s the other brother who sarcastically explains he’s just shot up a van down the street. Without any cover, she’s a sitting duck and the brothers waste no time in delivering her a painful beating. Once she’s beaten and powerless, they drag her upstairs.

They don’t stop there and immediately get to work sexually exploiting and violently raping her perfect body. No cop will ever get the best of them, and they plan to send a message loud and clear. One fucks her pussy while the other rams his cock in and out of her face. Then, they switch off. After what seems like an eternity, they blow their load at the same time on her chest and stomach and deep inside her pussy. Exhausted, the leave her completely useless and humiliated on the bed with no strength to even fight let alone escape. The brothers have had their way with Raven, the undercover cop. They’ve restrained her in a full hog tie and after a few hours, one of the brothers returns to kill her. Before he does so, he figures one last BJ is in order. He violently shoves his cock in her mouth, and before long, he explodes down her throat. Satisfied, he maneuvers himself for the kill. His brother returns and takes a seat to watch the action. With the victim still hogtied, the brother wraps a rope around her neck, crosses it, and secures it to her feet. She struggles as much as she can, but she’s completely restrained, so it’s entirely useless. Although she pleads, the brother yanks hard on her feet and pulls the rope taught. Her head and neck snap backwards, and her eyes bulge out of her head. After a few minutes, her life is completely removed and her head falls limp to the bed. As a final message, the brothers untie her restraints and tie her spread eagle to the bed for the cleaning crew to find in the morning.

Contains: Setup, 2 Perp 1 Victim Beating, Verbal/Physical Torture, 2 Perp Violent Rape, The following all pre-mortem: Forced Sex, Forced BJ, Forced Fondling, Forced Fingering, Bondage elements with spread eagle inescapable restraints, Strangulation from rope attached to feet while hogtied and death administered by Perp pulling on legs, Full Hogtie with 3/8 inch thick black rope already tied off camera, Post mortem body handling, Body restrained to spread eagle position, Body Pans, Close Ups

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