Casualties Of Horror – First Date – Starring Anna

Casualties Of Horror – First Date - Starring Anna

Anna’s moving into a new house. Her next door neighbor immediately pays her a visit to offer her a hand and ask her out. He seems nice enough but she completely blows him off. He decides to get revenge against the spoiled bitch who clearly thinks her shit doesn’t stink. He shows up acting drunk, and convinces her he’ll leave her alone if she takes just one shot with him. Just to get him out of her hair, she complies. Minutes later, he shows back up and walks right into the house, almost tripping over Anna who didn’t even make it out of the living room before collapsing. Serves her right. He figures it’s time for that first date.

He sets up the dining as best he can for their date. He pours a couple glasses of wine, starts some dinner, and has a lively conversation with her clearly inanimant body. She’s not saying much, but sitting across from him in her bra and panties says enough. She’s a total slut and needs his dick in her mouth. He oblidges and forces his hard cock in and out of her lifeless, warm mouth. After a few minutes, she stirs and wakes, almost choking on his member. The stupid bitch then proceeds to complain about her situation and cries for help. He explains calmly that she brought it on herself and he quickly tires of her wining. Before they can continue with the date, he needs to silence her. He grabs some nylons from his jeans (always prepared) and wraps them tightly around her neck. She immediately becomes more palatable. While gasping for breath, she couldn’t seem to find the air to complain. He thoroughly enjoys the continuing minutes as her struggling slows, her eyes glaze over and soon, her limp body is his for the taking. He inserts his throbbing cock into her still warm pussy and very soon, he’s fucking the hell out of her body, every limb bouncing in response to his thrusts. Tiring of fucking her doggy, he flips her over and fuck her on her back, legs on his shoulders, watching her eyes, as she complies silently and completely. Finally, he blows his load deep inside her pussy. Having had an incredible first date, he doesn’t want it end, and thoroughly examines her body before leaving her. No need to stay the night as he lives right next door. Maybe he’ll see her in the morning as well?

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