Casualties Of Horror – Betrayed – Starring Raven Alexis

Casualties Of Horror – Betrayed - Starring Raven Alexis

Mrs and Mrs. Smith are a crime fighting team, both working for the same private organization. Unfortunately for Mrs. Smith, Mr. Smith has been ordered to carry out a contract without his wife’s knowledge or consent. Mrs. Smith is no slouch when it comes to research and while investigating a string of local murders, she comes a little too close to breaching her husband’s case. He catches her just in time but the her curiousity is already spiked. He knows it’s just a matter of time before she investigates further, so he calls his superior for advice. With one phone call, he knows he has to kill her. He has no choice. It’s either his life or hers. Furthermore, he would be better off alone anyway. how many times has she compromised their safety in the last couple years. stupid women – always running with their emotions. After some quick planning, he cuts power to the house. Unfortunately, she remembers the backup power switch and soon, power is restored. This doesn’t phase him and he knows she’ll come looking for the “intruder”, so he waits around a corner down the hall. He hears her coming, and with one quick move, he surprises her with a sharp backhand. She blocks, shocked as ever. Within seconds, she figures everything out and turns from supportive housewife to super bitch. This only makes the inevitable kill easier for Mr. Smith and even angers him enough to have a little fun before breaking her neck. After brutally beating her until she can’t stand, he decides one final fuck should suffice and strips her naked and has his way. Lying on the ground naked, beaten, and fucked, he wraps his hands around her neck, reflects for a moment, and snaps the life away from her in one quick move. He had to do it. He had no choice he convinces himself as he walks away from her limp form, lifeless on the floor.

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