Bank Heist – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Logan, Bettie and Karina

Bank Heist

Chris has been planning this heist for years. Along with his on and off wife, he’s been grooming two other women to help with the scheme-promising riches and island paradise to each one as if they were the real reason he was doing this. But it did not matter. He just needed to keep them all “on board” for this so he could have this last be payday. But everything did not go as planned and as he walked, bloody from the bullet graze, into the hotel room, he wonders why they left him to die. He has his answer. The evidence of partying in the room was obvious-the money strewn about, glasses of champagne…he hears a noise, turns and sees Bettie. The lovely girl he promised to take with him when it was all over-to relax in paradise and have rum drinks as they watched the sun set. Sure-it was all bullshit, but he trusted her and now he watches her rifle through he fridge.

He comes up on her fast, his powerful hands forcing her up against the fridge and off the floor. She kicks wildly, one shoe flies off exposing a bare foot. He does not give her a chance to plead her case, but he does not kill her quick. He actually feels excited as he kills her, though he is mad, the adrenaline and power combine to give him a sense–just for a moment, of immortality. Then it is done. He lets go and she crumples to the floor. He rips her top open and squeezes her tits. But, he has two more girls to deal with–he will be back for her. As he goes into the room where Karina is sleeping he remembers the last conversation-him and her, fooling around, his hands rubbing her hot, voluptuous body–wanting her then, while the others were in the next room. It was all just for show, of course-he did think she was hot, but this was more to cement in her commitment–the promises of taking her with him-rum drinks in paradise had her all wet in the right spots. Now he slinks up behind her, grabbing the money she was sleeping next to. She wakes up and he is on her, throttling her hard and strong. She puts up a huge fight, but he is much, much stronger and she eventually succumbs. He rolls her over then back on her back again.

Now he remembers Bettie. He goes out and looks down at her and can only imagine the partying that went on while he was working his way out of the smoky bank scene, trying to act like an injured customer-hoping that the guard that originally pulled the trigger that grazed him did not notice him leaving with the paramedics. And, of course it worked. Now he picks her up and takes her into the bedroom-laying her beside Karina. He moves into the other bathroom where his ex–Logan is in the shower. The last conversation they had was the only real one. She was willing to give him another chance after this, settle down, start a family–that was what he wanted. Now, there was no chance and he hated her the most. Opening the curtain, she is surprised but has no real time to do anything as his hand clamps around her neck. He presses her against the tile wall as water pours down on them and he begins killing her. Her eyes and mouth are wide and her tongue searches for air, but he is relentless in his determination. Once she is dead, he lets her slide down–hair sticking to the tile. He remembers the last meeting with all the girls–alive, before the heist-it was all supposed to go so smoothly. He picks her up and takes her into the bedroom with the others-lays her moist body down. He thinks about what they may have done when they first came back from the heist, how they probably missed him at first, but money creates greed. He changes clothes, collects all the money and leaves each girl a small token before leaving for the airport.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, 2 Vertical Hand Stranglings with one lift up, 1 Horizontal Hand Strangling, Body Posing, Body Views.

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