Ballerina – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Jamie Story & Whitney


A young woman mentors a teenage student–teaching her the ways of a ballerina. During the lesson it is obvious that the teacher wants her to learn more then just dance. It is subtle at first, a look–a touch. Soon they kiss and the young ballerina allows herself to be undressed by her sexy older teacher. The teacher explores the young ballerinas nubile body. Soon, she is lick her sweet pussy and and ballerina contorts with orgasmic pleasure. Then, it is the ballerinas turn. She is nervous, but, slowly, she kisses and moves down her teachers body, until reaching the spot between her legs. She tenderly touching it with her tongue, then licks it eagerly. Then the teachers drunken, un-medicated husband, enters the room in a rage. While arguing with his wife, the young, scared ballerina tries to politely leave but is the harsh recipient of the infuriated husbands back hand. She crumbles to the floor–unconscious.

Soon, the argument between husband and wife moves out of the room while the young ballerina lay alone on the hardwood floor. Later, after some altercation off camera, the husband drags his wife’s unconscious body back into the room and then sets about to molest the young ballerina as payback for his wife’s infidelity. He does not get far when the girl regains consciousness and in the process smacks him in the head. Enraged, he viciously starts strangling the girl with her thin pink dance skirt. She is a dancer, and at this young age, her legs and will are powerful. She puts up quite a struggle and we see her face turn reddish and her eyes go bloodshot as he squeezes her young life away. During all this, his wife lay unconscious next to them. The ballerina keeps struggling, her legs and muscles tensing, her hips thrusting, her face contorting as she tries to draw in a breath. Then, over time all her strength goes away and all that is left is her body trying to stay alive, but her eyes are already blank and she is fading fast. The moment she is still, his wife starts to stir and with the last quiver of the young girls legs and feet, he rolls her off to the side. His wife, concerned and dazed, moves to the girl and tries to help. He is quick to wrap the fabric around her neck. If the ballerina student was strong, the teacher was powerful–her legs kicking up in the air almost hitting him in the face. Her hips bucking, her fingers clawing, and all he could do was pull and pull, hoping that her strength would wane. It seemed like forever, but eventually he got his wish as she started to slow down. The kicking and bucking stopped and now her eyes started to roll up as her body spasmed and quivered. When she was dead he slide out from under her and moved her to the middle of the floor. Then he positioned the girl on top of her, facing each other. A last lovers embrace seemed fitting. He walked away, perhaps to find his medicine and come to terms with what he just did–perhaps not.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Teenage/Young, Taboo, Graphic Sexual Content, Garrote Strangling x2, Body Posting, Body Views, Foot Views.

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