Aftermath [Ai Upscale] – Psycho-Thrillers – starring JESSICA, RENO, BRANDON & SLADE


A young woman and former law enforcement partner, Hannah Chilton is taken to a safe house by two federal officials and also former partners in crime. It turns out Hannah exposed a major European-US drug connection that goes all the way to the top and must constantly move between safe houses for her own protection when it is learned someone within the organization hired a notorious world class assassin whose strength is in the silent kill which occurs within a few feet of bystanders. Hannah is escorted to the bathroom. While the two men wait for her outside, she is attacked. The massive killer grabs Hannah by the throat and lifts her off her feet. Hannah struggles to get out a scream but cannot as he shakes her head. Hannah quickly loses consciousness and is then arm carried into the large bathtub/Jacuzzi while the men talk about sports and sex only a few feet away. The assassin starts to strangle her with a thin wire, his strength silencing Hannah immediately. Hannah manages to punch and hit the killer with a shower head and tried to pull his tie tightly around his neck but nothing could shake him off her. Finally Hannah goes into shock, her body twitching and she dies. Growing impatient, the two men knock on the door just as the assassin leaves and they find the body of their former partner. The two men go crazy and nothing can describe what happens

Contains: Set-up, Upright Suspension Choking, Arm Carry, Asphyxiation with cord, Undressing, Nudity, Necro R

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