A Tragic Turn Of Events – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Lily LaBeau with Jessi Summers

A Tragic Turn Of Events - Peachy Keen Films - Starring Lily LaBeau with Jessi Summers

Lily’s performance is one to beat. One of the best EC movies I have made. Lily is innocent. Every night she has the dream of her execution and wakes up in a cold sweat. Her lawyer is stupid. Every meeting goes badly and today is no different. She swears she is innocent–and she is. She tells the lawyer who the real killer is. But she does nothing, just sits there with a smug look on her face as time ticks closer to her execution. All her appeal have been exhausted no thanks to her no brain lawyer. Bitch. Back in her cell, they come and move her to the death watch cell. Not long now. She sits, staring at her last meal, holding the dull knife they gave her to cut her sandwich. The lawyer returns-sitting in her cell, she smugly give her client one last bit of news. The man she thinks is the real killer, is terminal. Oh yay—now both the innocent and guilty can die, except that the bastard got to live out his live on the outside of the cage. Lily is enraged, and stabs her lawyer in the jugular with the knife, killing her. Just then, the guards burst into the cell to witness. And just a moment to late. They were coming to give her the good news—the real killer confessed. She would have gone free. A tragic turn of events. Now, after a new trial, she sits in the death chamber once more, tears rolling down her face. They come in, prep her, and she is marched to the chair.

Strapped in, she waits for the pardon that will never come. She switch is flipped. 3 rounds and she is dead. The unstrap her and drag her away.

Fetish Elements: Nudity, Waiting, Crying, Panic, Stripping, Electrocution, Dragging, Sweating, Stabbing.

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