A Tragic Teenage Death – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Emily

A Tragic Teenage Death - Peachy Keen Films - Starring Emily

Emily returns home from high-school volleyball practice talking on her cell phone to a friend. She is a little winded and feels weaker then normal, but is too lost in conversation to notice. After she gets up, she has heart failure and drops to the floor–dead. Still only a teenage girl, still just in high school, her life, cut short by an unpredictable tragedy. Later, the local EMS arrives at the scene, but it is obvious at this point the victim is deceased, so he proceeds to secure the body and preserve the scene. He carefully checks her body for initial signs of trauma, then cases the room, collecting anything that may have come in contact with her…open containers, her purse, backpack, etc. He bags her hands and rolls her into a body bag then transports her back to the local, small town morgue.

As the coroner, in the morgue he continues the by-the-book process. First, he takes her body out of the body bag so that she is lying on the stainless steel morgue table. He then proceeds to take off her clothing starting with her shoes. Each item that is removed is either placed on the evidence rack, or bagged for lab analysis. After removing her socks he cuts off her knee pads, and then works his way to her shorts, underwear, top and bra. Once she is nude, he starts a preliminary exam of the body. He slowly checks her from head to toe, making sure there is nothing that should be noted. He rolls her on her side and later rolls her completely over. He uses his UV light to check every orifice on her body in extremely close detail. He swabs her pussy. Later, he un-bags her hands and swabs under her nails. At one point, he flexes her arms and legs. Eventually, he determines that her death at this point cannot be decided until the lab work gets back. He straightens her out and leaves. A few hours later, after everyone has left, he comes back in. Obviously, a little buzzed on something, he flips off the camera, then proceeds to make out with the corpse. He fondles her breasts, sucks her tits, but quickly moves down between her legs. He eats her pussy for a moment, then starts finger banging her. He cannot wait much longer so, he has sex with the dead teenage girl. He does her hard and fast, and shoots his load inside. Then he picks her up, planning to get her back into position and clean any evidence of his visit.

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