Month: August 2021

Peachy Keen Films – Unmasking Supergirl – Starring: Belle And Rex

Supergirl is on the run! Two men were hired to capture, disable and unmask her on camera in front of the nation and the world. Supergirl won’t go down easy and puts up a fight, but with the help of a kryptonite laser, she is disabled and the villains have some fun with her, deflowering […]

Peachy Keen Films – Sneaky Fuckery – Starring Riley Reyes

Black Widow is spying on an evil arms dealer named Bronson. She’s searching for some incriminating documents, when the villain sneaks up behind her with a devious new chemical weapon. The toxin incapacitates Black Widow, allowing the sick creep to have his way with her gorgeous body. He slowly caresses her through her tight costume, […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Lawyer Raped And Strangled – Starring: Nicole Moore and Johnny Castle

File name:Lawyer_Raped_And_Strangled___Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 321 MB Resolution: 1080 x 720 Duration: 00:10:38 Video: AVC, 1080x, 23.976 FPS, 4094 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: Lawyer_Raped_And_Strangled___Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

Psycho-Thrillers – Karlies Strangle – Rape Audition – Starring: Karlie Montana And Johnny Castle

File name:Karlies_Strangle_-_Rape_Audition__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 79.4 MB Resolution: 1440 x 960 Duration: 00:10:09 Video: AVC, 1440x, 23.976 FPS, 1000 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: Karlies_Strangle_-_Rape_Audition__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

Peachy Keen Films – Death Of The Black Canary – Starring: Allie James, Johnny Narcissus

Black Canary has been captured, tied up, gagged andcaged. She struggles against her binds and tries to get out, but her captor comes and starts to tell her how much he hates superheroines, and how he is going to teach her a lesson. He drags her out of the cage and pulls her gag off […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Club Girl Sex Strangler 4 – starring REBEL & TYLER NIXON

A man with exceptional social skills picks up and brings girls from nightclubs back to his place for consensual sex that leads to a fatal strangulation during sex and necrophilia sex afterwards. Contains: Young Girl, Petite Girl, Club Girl Theme, Drugs, Sex, Violence, Consensual Sex, Consensual Blow Job, Sex Turned Violent, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast […]

Peachy Keen Films – A Little Thief – Starring Relic

Relic was ready to check every square inch of his filthy apartment. The little spying slut knew Aaron was keeping the sensitive data close at hand. Finally, her lovely eyes spot his laptop sitting on the table. Now, she just needs to use her considerable skills to decrypt the data and she can be on […]

Psycho-Thrillers – They Will Pay – Taylor Part 2 – Starring: Taylor Sands, Jack Vegas, Aaron Wilcox

Taylor is tied and restrained to the bed. When the men returned, they forced oral sex on her and used a magic wand on her as well. Then one man grabbed a dildo and forced in Taylor’s ass when the other man forced his dick in her mouth. After some toy ass raping, one of […]

Peachy Keen Films – The Supergirls VS The Alien Time Travelers

Description: When these two time traveling trouble making aliens show up the city calls the Superbabes to stop them. These two super hot super heroines are no stranger to evil doers or danger. The aliens have transported to an office building in the heart of the city. The Superbabes located them using their Supervillian/alien trouble […]

XXXtremeComiXXX – Tech Battle – STARRING: Amy Faye

Library Girl and Wikiman come face to face. They stare contentiously into each others eyes. They begin a verbal jousting with Library Girl vehemently in favor of hard copy books and Wikiman backing the online domain. Library Girl strongly trying to prove the importance of books and the knowledge contained within a library while Wikman […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Snuff 23 – starring ADRIANNA CHECKNIK & JEREMY CONWAY

No music fanfare…just raw intense struggle for life. A woman’s home is invaded and she is made to endure an intense assault at the hands of a sadistic attacker. Contains: Set Up, Dialogue, Young Victim, Bad Girl, Home Invasion, Violence, Belly Kicking, Facial Punching, Sleepy, Body Dragging, Nylon Pantyhose, Dress Fashion, Bondage, Terrorizing, Begging & […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Sexual Harassment 2 Part 2 – Starring: Ashly Anderson, Jack Vegas, Tommy Gunn

Explicit long forced sex scenario. A secretary is harassed, assaulted and murdered. 2 guys, 1 girl Bedroom environment Woman has been stripped to black lace thigh highs and garters She is bound face down at start of film Ass penetration with dildo Spanking Legs unbound, anal sex with first man Arms unbound, leather restraint cuffs […]

XXXtremeComiXXX – Lady Lucks Gamble – STARRING: Jazzy Jamison and Rock

Lady Luck is home after a long day of battling super villains. What she doesn’t know is that a new one lurks around the corner. He watches her read a book, relaxing on her bed. She starts to get pretty bushed, yawning and stretching. This is when he makes his move. He emerges from her […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Gold Digger Part 2 – Starring: Shavelle Love, Talon, Anthony

The conclusion of a man’s revenge on his cheating mistress – he has sent two killers to punish her, and they sexually torture her before strangling her to death. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Busty brunette Masked assailants Woman, nude except for nylons and heels, is bound to bed Spread-eagled using leather straps Masked men taunt […]

XXXtremeComiXXX – Beating Batgirl – Starring April May and Javier Lovetongue

Batgirl has been handcuffed and blindfolded by Bane and taken to his private play area. He has big plans for her and removes the handcuffs, replacing them with leather strap. He fastens her to a chain above her head and begins to punch her while he teases her. After her works her over he removes […]

XXXtremeComiXXX – Batgirl – Tied Up And Tickled – STARRING: Ivy Jones and Javiar L

Poking around the apartment Batgirl looks for clues when she is interrupted by a masked villain with super human powers. The masked villain used is power punches to throw Batgirl around the room till he knocks her out. Flopping her body around as he is so proud of what he has done to her. He […]

Peachy Keen Films – Alinas Execution – Starring Alina West and Rock

Alina’s on death row. It’s almost her time and they’re going to gas her. She’s so innocent-looking. The guard asks her how she could have possibly gotten into this situation. She’s about to die, so she might as well tell him the story. She graduated with honors, got into a great school and ultimately threw […]

Peachy Keen Films – A Slice Of Alice – Starring Alice Whyte

A young woman is awaken suddenly from her peaceful slumber by a mad attacker. He forces her to give him a long blowjob in various positions. After he finds from her talented orifice, she manages to knock him aside and bolt out of the room. She runs into her kitchen, looking for weapon, but only […]

Peachy Keen Films – A Purse Before Dying – Starring Jade Nile

The thug pants, trying to catch his breath. He heard rumors on the streets of a Batgirl fighting crime across the city, but he never paid them much mind. Now, she was very real to him. Batgirl caught him in the middle of purse-snatching and she’s hot on his tail. He looks for a way […]

Peachy Keen Films – A Night Out – Starring Miley May, Victoria Verve, Breezy and Miles

Two women, Miley and Victoria, have been found dead in their apartment. A gunshot wound to the chest and signs of postmortem sex. The CSI team examines the scene, taking pictures and samples before sending them off to the morgue. In the morgue, tech Miles is waiting for his partner to show up, he calls […]

Peachy Keen Films – A Career In Modeling – Starring Daizy Cooper

After seeing an ad online for modeling auditions, Daizy jumped at the opportunity. She’d always wanted to be a model, plus she had the bright smile and rocking body to match. The photographer Nathan seemed nice enough… he had some strange requests, but Daizy trusted his experience. After an exhilarating photoshoot, Daizy reclines on Nathan’s […]

Peachy Keen Films – 4 Tales Of Shooting – Starring Ryanne

GET READY FOR… 4 great tales of shootings, cool effects, and of course the acting talents of lovely Ryanne. The Teacher. A local teacher makes a dubious discovery, but the crime syndicate has already dispatched their best assassin. She is no match, and the innocent school teacher is gunned down. Now suffering on the dest, […]

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