Month: July 2021

Stripper Double Raped And Strangled – Psycho-Thrillers – Starring: Leah Lust, Alan, Slade

Leah plays a crusty stripper who makes money by stealing it from unsuspecting men too respectful to take matters into their own hands. The club owner and bouncer decide to get rid of this bitch once and for all using the customer’s anger as motive to get him to assist in her murder. Promising him […]

Natural Born Killers 8 – Psycho-Thrillers – starring JENNIFER WHITE, NICK JACOBS

We’ve switched to 1280X720 WMV file format. We are updating our movie database to reflect these changes. If you like bondage, a couple working as a team to rape and strangle a woman, then you’ll love this one. Jennifer White plays the kidnapped victim of a sadistic couple. She was out jogging when a young […]

Break For Murder – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Heidi Robbins and Emily

Two teenage sisters are alone on a summer day while a 2 handyman brothers work outside on their deck. Heidi decides to offer the boys something cold to drink while Emily goes downstairs to get ready for school. While Heidi gets the drinks, the two brothers plot to murder her. Boldly entering the house, the […]

Boss Tease – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Micah Moore

A male office assistant is being harassed by his female boss. She will not let up–verbally insulting him while behind his back, making lewd, sexual gestures. Today, she made him stand in front of her while she sucked his cock. At first he enjoyed it. But then, after she encouraged him to cum and did […]

Bonus Girl – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Rilynn Rae & Starli

As the scene opens, we see the brutal murder of a beautiful, young woman. Behind her, a masked man pulls tight the cord he has wrapped around her neck, her hands desperately clawing at it, trying to do anything that would provide her one more breath of precious air. She struggles, but it is no […]

Bondage Tourniquet Strangle 2 – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Charley

A girl shows up for a bondage photo shoot. Once he has her positioned and tied to the chair, he surprises her by wrapping a rope around her neck and using a metal pipe to twist tighten it. Suddenly, her air is being cut off, she instantly panics and starts to struggle. Unfortunately for her, […]

Blood Ties – Psycho-Thrillers – starring CHLOW AMOUR, ERIC MASTERSON & ERIC JOHN

The elder head of a major drug carter in Mexico committed a series of acts that costs several key people in the shipment chain their lives. Growing tired of these attacks, the rival cartel decides to use their American resources to strike indirectly at the cartel leader by kidnapping, torture raping then murdering his grand […]

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