Month: May 2021

What Have You Done To Yourself – NecroPorn

Coming back from work a young man saw his girlfriend lying in a pool of blood with a knife in her hand, her belly plunged. Shocked, unable to believe his lover had taken her life, Paul sat on the bed, next to the corpse. But when he gradually realized his girlfriend was gone forever, he […]

Uber Drivers Revenge Part 1 – Psycho-Thrillers – Starring Daisy Stone, Jack Vegas, Reno

An Uber passenger is kidnapped, assaulted, raped and murdered by two men (no death in Part One). 1 Girls, 2 Guys Two men discuss a plan to abduct a pretty Uber passenger One of the men goes to her house to pick her up Passenger and driver are both wearing COVID face masks The woman […]

Two Lowers Suicide – NecroPorn

Problems in life had caused two girlfriends to commit suicide. To do so, they choose the easiest in their opinion way, pills. Having drunk the pills, they decided to devote their last moments on earth to love. But they did not die at the same time; one of the girls happened to get more pleasure […]

The Final Argument – NecroPorn

Description: Two gay girlfriends had a little quarrel between themselves, so that there was only one argument left for one of them, a knife. Never the less, her friend could not perceive the point of this argument, for which she was stabbed in rage. And what is it there to be done to a corpse […]

The Danger Of Drugs – NecroPorn

A young man returns home to find his girlfriend overdosed: eyes wide open, needle in her hand, and lying on the floor. He rushes to feel her pulse, but it’s too late. Understanding that there’s nothing more he can do, the man lifts her up and carries to the bed… File name:The_Danger_of_Drugs__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 398 […]

Surprise In The Bag – NecroPorn

Description: A young prostitute died of overdose just before the eyes of her client. But Paul decided not to leave in a hurry; instead, he wrapped her still warm body in a cloth and took it to his place which wasn’t far. And there he finished what he couldn’t accomplish while the whore was still […]

Sleeping with the Enemy – Psycho-Thrillers – starring ZOEY LAINE & AARON WILCOX

A married couple living in harmony in their home but there is a dark spot in the mind of the husband. He likes to have sex with his wife while she is unconscious. When the woman sleeps he puts a chloroform rag to her face for little time. The woman falls into a deep sleep […]

Officer Down – Psycho-Thrillers – Starring Mahina Zaltana, Anthony

A tough cop goes after a masked killer, but is overpowered, raped and murdered. 1 Girl, 1 Guy Female police officer Black police attire Woman with gun Masked perp Masked man puts gun to woman’s head Handcuffs on woman Fight between man and woman Stripping off police officer’s clothes Black lace underclothes Fighting Woman overpowered […]

Skipping School 2 – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Odette Delacroix

Odette is looking for her friend, Telulla. Her high school BFF went missing a few weeks earlier. She had been skipping school and getting risque’ pictures taken by local area photographers. She is worried that she found the “wrong sorta guy” and something happened to her. There seems to be a high concentration of rural […]

Queens Wrath – Princess Jasmine – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Melody Jordan

The Queen knew who the witch was-dear Princess Jasmine. She had used her powers to seduce her King and now she would pay. Jasmine was innocent. She has no idea what her Queen was talking about. So, the torture began She endured, days of whipping, flogging and ultimately fire torture before she broke. When it […]

Irresistibly Dead – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Salem

The coroner unzips the body bag and sees the pale body of the small young woman. Her red hair burns against the stark white body bag. His eyes are immediately drawn to the large ligature marks around her neck. The cause of death: strangulation. The coroner starts the recording and begins snapping his photographs. His […]

First Guard Mission – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Aria Alexander and Miles

While dusting an empty office, Aria receives intel over her ear piece that there is an intruder in the building. Piece of cake; she’s ready for this. She grabs her gun and points it at the door, waiting for the intruder to enter. She’s so fixated on the impending entrance through the door that she […]

Beaten Prisoner – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Lexxi

A woman held prisoner by a foreign government. She is humiliated and beaten daily. In addition, she is groped and fondled, forced to dance like a can-can girl and made to do jumping jacks. At one point, she narrated her own plight as she struggles with her punishments. One day, the guard finally beats her […]

Bank Heist – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Logan, Bettie and Karina

Chris has been planning this heist for years. Along with his on and off wife, he’s been grooming two other women to help with the scheme-promising riches and island paradise to each one as if they were the real reason he was doing this. But it did not matter. He just needed to keep them […]

Ballerina – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Jamie Story & Whitney

A young woman mentors a teenage student–teaching her the ways of a ballerina. During the lesson it is obvious that the teacher wants her to learn more then just dance. It is subtle at first, a look–a touch. Soon they kiss and the young ballerina allows herself to be undressed by her sexy older teacher. […]

Bad Man Killith I – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Joseline Kelly, Trisha Parks

Two ladies hoping to score a dank bag of pot went to a recommended dealers house, “this is a nice house for a drug dealer,” Trisha mentions to MaX. “Thank you,” he smiles while pouring the ladies some red punch from the table, “what kind of bag are you looking for?” he questions as the […]

Yellow Jacket Meets Draculoid And Frankenzombie – XXXtremeComiXXX – starring Rilynn Rae, Rock and Brock

As Draculoid and Frankenzombie search for the codes to a large weapons cache they are interrupted by Yellow Jacket. She holds her own for awhile and kicks some ass. Draculoid pulls out his ray gun, shoots her, she avoids being hit and then the battle continues. While she is holding her own for a while […]

Supergirl Meets Her Match – XXXtremeComiXXX – Starring Alexandria and David

A villain has placed explosives all around the city, and will detonate them unless he is given a large sum of money. Supergirl rushes to the rescue and jumps the guy. In defense, he shoots at her, each shot bouncing off her chest of steel, she runs up and grabs him, but he tells her […]

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