Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Reporting – Starring Casey Calvert

Casey is an up and coming reporter looking for her big break. She convinces her cameraman to follow out to a remote warehouse after catching a lead about a baddie. She is setting up her shot, when the guy catches her. He is paranoid and does not believe she just wants an interview with him, […]

Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Interrogation 5 – Starring Tegan Mohr

Directed By John Marshall The intense 5th installment of the “Deadly Interrogation” series. Tegan’s performance and intensity is awesome. And, the long STRANGLING scene at the end is tragic, brutal and brilliant with awesome necro!!! She was a spy that had information. That is all that mattered to him. That was all he was tasked […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Bound Raped Strangled – Starring WHITNEY & BRANDON

A guy attends a party and meets a young girl who grows fond of him in this affluent community town. As the music plays, they chat. The man, relatively new and wealthy sneaks away and drugs the drink of his target then brings it to her. Once she is under his influence, he takes her […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Blackmailer – starring SHEENA SHAW & TJ CUMMING

A young girl uses the scheme of sleeping with married men in order to capture their love making on film in hopes of black mailing money from them…or is it all a lie? Did the man who murdered her overreact to finding a hidden camera in her bag? Was the film just for her pleasure? […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Beauty And The Geek – Starring: Sophie and Dane

Sophie plays a young receptionist who works for a mid-size corporation. Our killer isolates her after discovering her office is on a corner away from the primary population of corporate office workers so there is little chance of being discovered within a small window of time. She appears to inform him that the interviewer is […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Beaten Raped And Starngled To Death – Starring: Brynn Tyler and Daniel Hunter

Daniel plays an ex-roommate who breaks into his old residence in search of money she used to keep around the house. When she found out he was stealing from her to buy drugs, she kicked him out but now he’s back. In desperate need he confronts Brynn. When she fails to answer, he punches her […]

Psycho-Thrillers – Bathing Beauties 1 – Starring: Mahina Zaltana and Seth Gamble

File name:Bathing_Beauties_1__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 556 MB Resolution: 1440 x 960 Duration: 00:17:23 Video: AVC, 1440x, 24.000 FPS, 4378 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: Bathing_Beauties_1__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

Casualties Of Horror – The Last Act – Starring: Raven Alexis

Raven is an undercover cop posing as a high class call girl. She’s tracking down two brothers from a family crime syndicate. With survelience and a very small ear piece for constant monitoring via her partners in an unmarked van down the road, she knocks at the door. One of the brothers answers. Unfortunately, he’s […]

Casualties Of Horror – First Date – Starring Anna

Anna’s moving into a new house. Her next door neighbor immediately pays her a visit to offer her a hand and ask her out. He seems nice enough but she completely blows him off. He decides to get revenge against the spoiled bitch who clearly thinks her shit doesn’t stink. He shows up acting drunk, […]

Casualties Of Horror – Betrayed – Starring Raven Alexis

Mrs and Mrs. Smith are a crime fighting team, both working for the same private organization. Unfortunately for Mrs. Smith, Mr. Smith has been ordered to carry out a contract without his wife’s knowledge or consent. Mrs. Smith is no slouch when it comes to research and while investigating a string of local murders, she […]

2Kill4 – Asphyx Debut

File name:Asphyx_Debut__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 180 MB Resolution: 1152 x 844 Duration: 00:09:00 Video: AVC, 1152x, 25.000 FPS, 2677 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: Asphyx_Debut__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

2Kill4 – After I Strangle You

File name:After_I_Strangle_You__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 148 MB Resolution: 704 x 576 Duration: 00:09:18 Video: AVC, 704x, 25.000 FPS, 2088 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: After_I_Strangle_You__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

Casualties Of Horror – Abducted – Starring Raven Alexis

Raven is abducted from her house, and when she wakes up, she has been ball gagged, and bound by her feet and hands. The perps are recording the whole thing, and while one tapes it, the other strangles her with the ball gag that was in her mouth, and while doing so, forces his cock […]

2Kill4 – A Body To Kill

File name:A_Body_To_Kill__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 165 MB Resolution: 704 x 576 Duration: 00:12:51 Video: AVC, 704x, 25.000 FPS, 1692 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: A_Body_To_Kill__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

2Kill4 – 8 Minutes Of Strangulation

File name:8_Minutes_Of_Strangulation__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 197 MB Resolution: 1080 x 792 Duration: 00:09:47 Video: AVC, 1080x, 25.000 FPS, 2722 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: 8_Minutes_Of_Strangulation__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

2Kill4 – 1ST Perspective

File name:1ST_Perspective__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4 File Size: 153 MB Resolution: 960 x 768 Duration: 00:08:35 Video: AVC, 960x, 25.000 FPS, 2385 kb/s Audio: AAC LC D O W N L O A D: 1ST_Perspective__Ai_Upscale__(new).mp4

Bondage Tourniquet Strangle 1 – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Angelica

A girl shows up for a bondage photo shoot. Once he has her positioned and tied to the chair, he surprises her by wrapping a rope around her neck and using a metal pipe to twist tighten it. At first, she thinks it is just part of it, but when her air gets cut off, […]

Bodybag – Peachy Keen Films – Starring: Renee C

Stan was an intern at the morgue and often went on body runs. Tonight the call was late, so instead of bringing the body to the morgue, he stopped at home because he new the victim was a pretty fresh teen found under the football stands after the game tonight. He dragged the bodybag onto […]

Body In The Trunk – Peachy Keen Films – Starring: Tessa

He opened his trunk and there she was. So beautiful. Freshly dead. He did not know how she got thier. He did not know who she was. He set his golf clubs down and did what any of us would have. He lifted her up and took her into his bedroom and flopped her on […]

Bitch Slap – Peachy Keen Films – Starring: Ashlee and Rock

A young girl is tidying up her bed room. A evil bad ass busts up in her room & rapes the shit outa the bitch. She is slapped around & choked out repeatedly wile being gagged with cock & rape. She never gives up fighting for her life Everything the rapist gets from her is […]

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